Real Estate

Real estate is a valuable investment – whether you buy or sell a property. It can be a smooth process or a not so smooth transaction if not handled by the right Law Firm. Our firm can guarantee valuable, quality service to you in your real estate transaction. We are a group of hardworking female lawyers who pay attention to detail and are passionate about helping others.

Our single goal is to help you. We understand how stressful it can be when you are a Purchaser of a new home or on the selling end of the transaction. Work with us to make your transaction smooth and effortless as your lawyers.

We offer the following services in Real Estate:

  • Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate
  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate
  • Review of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage transactions
  • Residential Leases
  • Power of Sale
  • Private Mortgages
  • Title Transfers
  • Assignment of an Agreement
  • Pre-Construction Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale of Vacant Land
  • Construction Mortgages

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